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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

On My Way To Siam Reap...Crab Meat And Khmer Bananas

Feast From Far East...Cambodia Part-3

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It was 8 o'clock in the morning and i was heading towards the bus station to catch my bus for Siam Reap ..Famous for UNESCO world heritage site "Angkor Wat" Temples ....After seeing famous Hollywood movie "Tomb Raider" i always wanted to visit this place.
 On my way to bus station i saw street food full of weird fried animals/insects...i wanted to have a breakfast first before get into the bus but i did not gather courage to enter any of the restaurant after seeing so much of weird food..though I've been travelling in Asian countries for so many times and i am used of seeing unusual food.. but this was my first visit to Cambodia and i never seen Bizarre food in such a huge quantity, almost each and every restaurant entrance was full of hanging Fried Rats and Tarantulas and animals which I've seen live on discovery channel..in Cambodia I've seen fried version of them....anyway i dint want to disrespect anyone one's food culture but the thing was, i was not able to get out of typical Indian mentality. 

And then finally Ray Of Light.. i saw a beautiful lady selling chicken,pork, loads of different types of fish, crabs,noodles and some local sweet dishes....so I've decided to have a breakfast at that place before heading towards the Siam Reap.
 I ordered traditional Cambodian Crab meat Bowl soup with noodle and Khmer Deep Fried Bananas as a sweet dish. 

 A crab Noodle dish with rice noodles, loads of vegetables and crab meat balls all mixed in orange colored broth was super hot and was looking too yummy...one of the notable feature of this dish was its orange color of the broth. then there was some fish cake ,some crab meat, potatoes, tomatoes,basil and some green beans in it.. Buy me a coffeeBuy me a coffee broth taste was light fishy, meaty with flavor of basil , then i added some fish and tamarind sauce in it, some spicy sauce then the lady told me add one sauce which was very pungent smelling which i simply denied to add.. that big chunks of crab meat balls along with rice noodles and orange broth was heaven...a must try. 
 Then the time was for some sweet ..so i ordered deep fried bananas one of the traditional sweet dish of Cambodia.. made with some batter ,coconut flakes,rice , eggs all coated around banana and then deep fried into the oil. 
 That Banana sweet was really yummy had extra crispy chunk from the outside and then soft , sweet banana inside...that as really delicious. so i finished my breakfast and headed towards the my bus to Siam reap..... Hope you enjoyed reading my this blog post..see ya soon in next blog post about Siam reap. 

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