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Saturday, 4 August 2018

Best Food In Phnom Penh

Feast From Far East ... Cambodia -Part 2

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It was almost 9 o'clock in the night and i was hungry....so i went straight to phnom penh's "Central Market"...you can find variety of Cambodian food here in central market.

 There was a small restaurant in central market ...don't remember the name cause it was in Cambodian language... that local joint was full of local peoples and i am the only non-Cambodian was there.

 I ordered "Khmer Food Platter", food cups were made up of Banana leaves served in traditional Bamboo basket.


That basket was Some sweet corn with local spices in it, two dumpling (1 pork & 1 with some veggies), Rice cake with some fish gravy (That is not something we hear together that often)..but that fish gravy was really awesome. Rice cake was made with rice,beans and some pork in it.....outside was really crunchy and inside was full of beans and pork in it ... Rice Cake with Fish gravy..that's something really different but amazingly tasty i had after a long time

 Dumpling was deep fried with pork and veggies in it...served with some awesome spicy local sauce..they were like " chicken wantons" we get in Chinese restaurants in India... overall a must try dish... 

Then i went to nearby by pub ..had nice chilled local beer called "Angkor" ....after having really good time in the pub it was already 11:30 in the night ..so i decided to have some food...so on my way to my hostel at stopped at local joint Named "Nimchuk" ..hope i spelled it correctly . 

 I ordered " Amok Fish" .....this is one of the most famous dish Of Cambodia... wrapped in banana leaves.

 Amok is a local Mekong river fish wrapped in banana leaves and steamed for almost one hour with some local spicy curry ...served with some veggies, salads and some rice. Taste was not fishy at all.. it has a nice flaky texture ...soft and juicy was steamed perfectly with the flavor of local spicy curry...perfect combination of fish,curry and rice ....whenever in Cambodia i suggest must try this fish with rice... cheers.. 

That's All in this blog post ..will share more delicious Cambodian food in my next blogs ..

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