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Sunday, 1 July 2018

Phuket....(Beyond The Boundaries Of Taste Part-4)

continued from part-3, Click on the link below to read part-3


we decided to have must try food here in Phuket, some Thai food is so delicious that want to hop on your motorbike and drive straight to the Thailand immediately.
let's get started.
As soon as we entered in the restaurant we saw some nice "Pork satay" getting grilled was 
smelling awesome because  it has been marinated in some kind of Thai curry and served with peanut sauce,there's nothing that goes better with some nice salty pork satay and some peanut sauce together....Heaven
Then we ordered "Egg Noodles" which is called as "Khao Soi" in local language, its a northern Thai noodle curry soup with chicken.
The famous egg noodles are made with some rice flour and egg so it looks yellow, plump and beautiful.
Then there was a huge pot full of boiling chicken, it was boiling in coconut milk,local spices ,chillis and giant pieces of chicken.
They served egg noodles with that boiling chicken and curry with fried noodles as toppings so they have got both versions of the noodle in the dish, they have like the normal juicy version of noodles at the bottom and then the fried version on top for more crunchy texture.
Lots of people were coming at that place for breakfast and it was easy to see why? like our breakfast was the most beautiful breakfast i have ever seen.
we started our breakfast with "Pork Satay" . sweet,salty ,crispy, creamy and flavorful pork with delicious peanut sauce dipping was really awesome. That peanut sauce was really really amazing.
Then chicken egg noddles with fried noodles on the top, that fried noodles was so crunchy and tasty that those fried noodles alone can be a really good snacks.
we mixed our noodles with some lime , onions and little bit of some local sour pickle cabbage, Chicken was super tender, juicy and  delicate. 

Noodles with some fried noodles and chicken together...man that was the whole new level of Noodle soup i ever had... little bit heavy, very light flavors, chicken was amazingly tender as it was boiling in chilli paste and coconut milk... it was spicy but not overly spicy as other Thai dishes, you get true flavors of chilli without overly intense hotness of it.
Thing i like most about this dish was the texture... that fried noodles were adding awsome crunchiness in the dish....
Must try when in Thailand............

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