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Thursday, 12 July 2018

Food And Bizarre Food...Introduction (Feast Form Far East Part-1)

I arrived in combodaia's capital city of Phnom Penh,  i checked into one of the bag packers favorite Hostel "Mad Monkey" ... based in central part of the city for just INR-600/- per day..address is given below

 This Noisy, energetic city was once Asia's Largest market, this place has everything, you can shop for clothes,buy some fresh food, jewelry, electronics and off course Bizarre food.
So much variety of Bizarre Food " Deep Fried Rice Field Rats" "Huge Crispy Tarantulas".. though i never tried them in my entire tour of Cambodia....to be very frank i'm failed to gather courage  to eat them.

Cambodian cusine is known for their unusal food,it would be nearly immpossible to describe the identity of combodian cusine and there is a reson for that.
From 1975 To 1979 there was the "Khmer Rouge"  regime in Cambodia,  was the worst time for Cambodian people, Cambodian people had a very hard time, they don't have anything to eat  so they never cared what they eat, they only want to survive for that they made every animal, Insects edible...... so after end of "Khmer Rouge" regime they included all of them in Cambodian cuisine.

Trust me Cambodian food is not at all that bizarre as shown in Tv shows.. people are completely clueless who thinks Cambodian food culture is not developed, its not good...trust me Cambodian food is mind blowing, there is not much written on Cambodian food because of a language problem of Cambodian people but now new generation has started of Cooking and writing about Authentic Cambodian Food, so food culture in Cambodia is in emerging stage.
So in this Food blog series " Feast From Far East" i will share some mind blowing Authentic Cambodian food to pamper your taste buds.... so do subscribe my blog for Tasty, Authentic food trip of Cambodia.

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