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Thursday, 28 June 2018

One Night In Bangkok...(Beyond The Boundaries Of Taste Part-3)

continued from part-2, Click on the link below to read part-2

it was 8 p.m in Bangkok and we were  hungry so we decided to visit Bangkok's  famous night market.
we decided to visit one of the best night market of Bangkok "Rot Fai Market"  in Srinakarin


Egg Fried Squid :-

First we tried Fried thai Egg Fried squid which was looking so delicious ,pieces of Calamari was really tender and delicate like egg white with some cabbage was smelling really good.Taste was like cross between egg and fish and that fishy taste was really unpleasant but its just taste like tender piece of fish, texture was very smooth and silky.. overall an average dish...

Deep Fried Crab:-
Then there was "Deep fried Crab" ,the dish  was not looking good at all  just by looking at it but trust me that was the best deep fried crab i ever had.
crab meat was juicy and some taste of lemon grass in it, i never eaten crab shell in my entire life but here whole creature was deep fried served with sweet and sour sauce dipping....man that shell was so crispy and tasty,this dish is little messy to eat but recommended  if you like crabs.

Salted Grilled Fish:-
Then we tried our hands on "Whole Thai Steamed and Grilled Fish "
The way it  cooked was the whole fish was covered in salt so  that the whole fish was  kind of steamed inside its own body.
White flesh of that fish was flaky, flavorful and juicy with all the flavors packed into that with little seasoning and salt which they used to cook fish and served with some pepper and vinegar sauce, In addition to that sweet, succulent, flaky fish, that sauce was giving dimension by adding spicy ,lemony flavor enhancing the deliciousness of the fish.
Overall delicious fish i had in a long time ....strongly recommended.

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