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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Goan-Chin..... Goan Days (Part 3)

Being a Foodie tasting new and different cuisines has always been a very important part of my food journeys.
It has been almost 6 months In GOA, gone were the days when goan cusine facinataed me,so i decided to try my hands on Indian Chinese food.
One of my office colleagues told me about Panjim's Famous Chinese/Asian restaurant "GoenChin" so i decided to visit that pace along with my colleague.
Trust me this place was not easy to find, situated in the heart of panjim nearest landmark is panjims famous mahalaxmi temple ,this hotel is one of the oldest hotels in the city.
restaurant was very cozy and comfortable but little bit noisy ( obviously because of good food :-) ).

. so we ordered chilled beer along with "Prawns fried wontons" and "Thai Chicken"
fried wontons were Chinese version of Indian "Samosa"  (Just Kidding) were crispy, crunchy, too much tasty and full of fresh prawns served with tangy, sweet and spicy sauce, those Fried Wontons were irresistibly good.

"Thai Chicken" was grilled half portion of chicken made using authentic Thai herbs like lemon grass and rice powder (Thank god no fish sauce) and soya sauce was dark colored due to major use of soya sauce in it,
 each and every juicy, tender,fresh piece of chicken was with amazing favor of garlic,black pepper and punch of soya sauce,eating bites of chicken along with that wonderful tangy tamarind chili dipping sauce can hardly get better.

Then we ordered our main course  "Beijing Chicken Sauce" and "Bamboo chicken fried rice" but before tht we have ordered "chicken Tom Yum" soup.

I must say one of the best Tom Yum soup i ever had in my life ,soup was mixture of garlic, lemongrass, ginger, lime leaves, coriander, chillies and chicken, which was briefly stir-fried with chicken stock. that was "Tangy" "Hot" flavor in the form of clean and aromatic soup.

 "Beijing Chicken Sauce"   was both "tender" and "crispy" just the way I like it and topped with tasty sauce and sesame seeds was absolutly out of this world.

"Bamboo chicken fried rice" was perfectly stir-fried and full  flavors of bamboo slices, mushrooms and was  irresistibly delicious.

Just WOW.... one of the best Chinese food i ever had in my life. 5 out 5 for this restaurant ...a must visit place

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