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Friday, 22 June 2018

Eat Like A Local ..(Beyond The Boundaries Of Taste Part-2)

continued from part-1, Click on the link below to read part-1

So we started walking towards the Street food Market near to our hotel in Bangkok.. then we saw one lady selling fried chicken, so we have decided to try our hands on Thai fried chicken.

Thai Fried Chicken (Gai-Tod)

Trust me Forget Macdonald's or KFC that was the best fried chicken we ever had, thai fried chicken or mainly known as (Gai-Tod) in Thai is not to miss when in Bangkok.
Fried chicken was  light, deep fried garlic  on it, crispy skin that crackles with every bite. Hiding beneath that skin is tender juicy flesh served with chili sauce.

Then we moved on to another stall and tried Thai Grilled Pork.
In the world of natural, real food lovers, pork is a contentious subject 😉 on one side, you’ve got people zealously arguing against pork because it’s not kosher or halal,and On the other hand, you’ve got traditional cultures like Thailand for whom pork is a dietary mainstay providing meat and cooking fat. 
Well lets not get into all this 😃

Thai Grilled Pork (moo-ping)

Thai grilled pork, or moo ping as locals would call it, is a definite must try for every carnivorous traveler.These quick snacks are cheap and packed with full of flavors. It will fill you up for several hours so you have the energy to keep going.This amazing grilled pork treat cost was  just 30 THB
Succulent pieces of pork meat with fat are skewered together and grilled on top of hot coals. The melting fat dripping on the coal creates a thick blanket of aromatic smoke that, logically, should drive you away but in reality, lures you even more.

These Thai pork skewers are marinated in a sweet-salty concoction, and when placed on the grill, receive an additional smoky flavor from the burning coals.

The barbecued meat is good enough as it is, but slathered with the homemade spicy sauce, it becomes pure heaven. Moo ping can be enjoyed stick after stick or paired with traditional sticky rice for a more filling meal. Make sure to consume your moo ping hot off the grill when the flavors are most alive and the meat actually melts in your mouth.

To Be Continued.....

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