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Saturday, 9 June 2018

Beyond The Boundaries Of Taste ... Thailand

Hello Foodies,
Did you enjoy my earlier food blog posts? If you haven’t, do check it out and let me know your feedback.
Today's blog Post is about my new upcoming food blog series "Beyond the boundaries of taste ... Thailand".

I am not the kind of person who will go to another country and then eat only Indian food. If I wanted to eat Indian food, then I would prefer to have it in India. I would love to try new cuisines, new food palates and I believe that it is an integral part of a travelling experience.
I've been to Thailand many times , for me, Thailand is a place of extremes. It’s functioning chaos in all its inexplicable glory. Above all, however, one thing is certain: Thai people are united in their passion for Thai food.
Hope you will enjoy my one incredible culinary journey through one of South-East Asia’s most seductive food cultures.

Thank You
Foodie On Road