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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Arrival in Bangkok..(Beyond The Boundaries Of Taste Part-1)

Hello Foodies,
It was almost 6 hrs. journey to Thailand from Mumbai airport, we arrived at Bangkok's swarnabhumi airport at 6 A.M.the airport was modern and clean, relatively spacious with a number of different terminals, and I think they’ve done a pretty good in handling passengers efficiently (although there can be long lines at times).

Bangkok, a world class global city has so much to offer ,Home to one of the world’s most spectacular skylines , Bangkok is a densely packed city where you’ll discover fresh wet markets slotted between skyscrapers and delicious food nearly everywhere you look.
We checked in to our hotel room and i had a Power Nap for 2 hrs.,as soon as i woke up i decided to have  some local street food. Why? because someone said that "key to enjoy any destination’s traditional cuisine is to eat like a local, to eat where locals eat, or even better, to get invited to a local’s home and be served a home-cooked meal" in our case getting invited by "Locals" was not possible so i decided to visit local street food where i can taste authentic Thai food ,but some of us from my group were not familiar with Thai food (Because of strong smell of raw, fermented seafood and sauces) :-)  so me and one of my friend from kolkata decided to have a local street food and rest decided to visit nearby Indian food restaurant.

Street food stalls can be found at practically every corner in Bangkok,street food is an important part of Bangkok’s rich culinary heritage and it also lets you interact with the locals so you are afforded a more enriching experience. Street food stall is the place where you get traditional Thai food exact way locals have been preparing.
Thai cuisine is also heavily influenced by Indian spices and flavours, which is evident in its famous green, red, and yellow curries. However, it would be nearly impossible to confuse an Indian curry with one from Thailand. Although Thai curry incorporates many Indian spices in its pastes, it still manages to maintain its own unique flavour with the addition of local spices and ingredients, such as Thai holy basil, lemongrass, and Thai ginger
Other influences on Thai cooking may be found in the countries near or surrounding Thailand, such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Burma, and Malaysia. Such plentiful and vast influences combine to create the complex taste of present-day Thai cooking.

To Be Continued......

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