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Sunday, 20 May 2018

Spicy....Tasty.. "SOLAPUR" (Part-1)

Solapur Surrounded by "Telangana" and "Karnataka" is a city with multi-linguistic and multi-cultural features.Solapur has a mixture of Marathi, Kannada, Telgu, and Muslim peoples.
Food of Solapur is Influenced by this mixed culture and i must say this is one of the best Veg and Non-veg food destination of Maharashtra.
People say Solapuri food is very "Spicy" But its not true.

Best place to start your day in solapur with breakfast is at " Sudha Idali Gruha" There are loads of  hotels like "Kamaths" and other who serve south indian breakfast  but i will not recommend them. This place (Sudha) Is just awesome. Known for tasty and mouth watering Crispy "Dosas"  and "Wada's,"  "Idali"s" light as air and soft as cotton and off course unlimited tasty "Sambar and "Chutny" , in the end go for "Bread Maska " (Bread Butter) with "Masala chai, they daily prepare fresh butter  (Maska) as smooth as Silk not to miss at all.

Address:-Near Hotel Rajmahal, Saat Rasta, Solapur - 413001, Opposite Samaj Kalyan Kendra

Solapuri food is influenced by its mixed culture and you will find best and unique Non-Veg dishes here
Solapur is home to a large community of Savjis and you will find loads of "Savji Mutton" hotels around the city...but all are not as good as few i mentioned below. please note Nagpuri saoji and solapuri saoji both are different dishes, Napuri saoji is very (Too) Spicy where as solapuri is not at all that spicy.
First To start with

Shravan Saoji Hotel:-Address: 4-B, Sindagi Complex,Old Employment Chowk, Railway Lines, Solapur.. Opp. Kamath's

One of the oldest food joint of solapur situated in the heart of city known for their below mentioned dishesh
Khari Boti-
Lamb/goat meat cooked in loads of salt,turmeric,some onions and very less amount of spicy masala perfect for kids or people who prefer less spicy meat i bet you will not regret having one.

Green Mutton:
Lamb goat meat cooked  with Loads of coriander, Pudina  and local green masala... the unique dish of this hotel ..please note this is not regular green mutton which we get everywhere in india, its totally diffrent and far better

Mutton Lonache (Achari/pickle):-
Lots of people thinks that this is a side dish  made and preserved like pickle(Achar), no its not like that .

Its a main course dish freshly cooked in Masala which we use to make pickle, this masala gives that unique tangy and spicy taste to Mutton (Meat)

Park Savji:-
Address:-Shop No 1, Park Stadium Complex, Park Chowk Road, Muraraji Peth, Solapur 

This is also on of the best Saji mutton hotel famous foe below mentioned dishes

Saoji Mutton/Chicken Masala:-

This is the Spicy dish of solapur made of load of Saoji masla full of coconut with full on red curry... dish looks spicy but not that spicy as it looks.. so dont worry and enjoy :-)

Kheema Unde (Meat Balls)

This is also one of unique dish of solapur, Lamb/Goat minced meat Balls serve Dry or in curry mixed with local saoji masala

Khan Chacha:-
Address:-3/2, Hyderabad Road, National Highway 9, New Rangraj Nagar, Solapur
This Place is a perfect blend of Muslim and Marathi culture known for  below mentioned dishes 

Vazadi Fry (Goat Intestine curry/dry):-
Goat/lamb Intestine is used to prepare "Vazadi Fry" it taste really awesome but cleaning intestine takes time,This dish is all about how well you clean intestine, one small mistake while cleaning can spoil your entire dish and mood,thats the reason i recommend to have this dish at khan chacha only.

This Is the 1st part  of 2 parts of solapur food journey, in the next part  i'll be covering Unique Biryani joints and unknown "SEEK KABAB" walli gali... 

Do let me know your likes, dislikes about this part by commenting on this post. I would absolutely love to hear from you guys.

Thank You
Foodie On Road 

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