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Piggy Goan Day's (Part 2)

When we think of Goa , the first thing that comes to our mind are the Sea, Beautiful beaches, church and food.. in my earlier blog about ...

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Piggy Goan Day's (Part 2)

When we think of Goa , the first thing that comes to our mind are the Sea, Beautiful beaches, church and food.. in my earlier blog about Goa I shared about authentic local Goan Seafood thali ..in this blog im going to share the wonderful gems from the treasure trove of Goan Cuisine which is influenced by the Portuguese.

“Goan Pork Sorpotel”  “Pork Vindaloo”
Pork dishes are not easily available in our area, so all we use to do and still doing is hunting a “Wild Boar” in every Rainy season and preparing with our typical Black gravy Masala or else try “Bacon” in 5 star hotel which I never liked. I always wanted to have something different in pork and I knew Goa is the best place to have the same.

So one fine day I got transferred to goa.. thanks to the local property broker I got a beautiful flat near Miramar Beach opp. to famous club of goa “Clube Tennis De Gaspar Dias” (Amazing Food).
Next to my apartment there was a Bar called “Publix Bar”  Owned by my local catholic  friend  where I used to go almost daily to have a chilled beer after hectic work schedule. There I tried my 1st goan pork dish “Pork Vindaloo”

This dish represents a confluence of the indian and Portugese cuisines made with pork meat, vinegar and garlic.
Preparation was awesome soft, fatty pork meat cubes were marinated with local spices and vinegar for 24 hours.
The dish was neither a fiery hot or nor a curry, pork meat was tender, juicy and tangy due to vinegar,  all the flavors were meld together due to overnight marination.

Overall an awesome dish to try in Goa.

Few day later I’ve been invited by other local goan friend for dinner at his residence and there I tried “Pork Sorpotel” …man that was the best food I ever had.
Pork sorpotel was made with pork belly,liver and heart , all three are my favorite parts in any edible animal J
Dish was deep reddish brown colored due to red Kashmiri chillies and brown pork liver served with freshly steamed rice,
Dish was slightly sour due to toddy vinegar but yet spicy with thick gravy. Full of local goan masala and tangy tamrind.
pork meat was soft, fatty full of tasty spices , Liver was so soft and juicy was melting in my mouth….as I was taking a bite of that fatty meat, there was a burst of tasty flavors in my mouth …later I asked my friend about this he said that the Goans really believe in keeping the cooked dish aside for atleast a couple of days to allow the flavors to blend and penetrate into the meat and spices and vinegar act like a preservative …wow …just awesome.
Truly a fantastic rich flavored dish which makes your taste buds craves for more.

P.S- I’ve tried these dishes in local hotels but my experience was really bad ..so would suggest to try these dishes at any local catholic goans home… cheers

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