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Sunday, 27 May 2018

Fishy Goan Day's (Part 1)

Hello And whats Up People?
 “Panjim”, capital of “GOA”,one of the beautiful And most clean city of india . Maxed out with colonial architecture and unique Goan Cusine. Goan cuisine is a fusion of flavours from its Hindu and Portuguese heritage.
A day strated of with Goa’s most famous breakfast “Bhaji Pav”,  and that too at my favorite canteen at panjim Gymkahna, Campal opp. to my old office where I used to have breakfast and chai almost everyday.
This dish is also known as “Patol Bhaji” is prepared with dried white or green peas that are hydrated, boiled and cooked in a spicy watery gravy with potatoes. Relished with pao (bread)  and often accompanied with sukhi bhaji (potato bhaji).. I used word spicy but this dish is not spicy at all. (Most of the Goans dont like spicy food).
Afternoon I planned to have luch at“Anandashram”old panjim ,18th june road ,famous for Fish thali  very few tourists knows about this place, so mostly you will find local goans here and that’s the reason you will get awesome Goan fish thali with reasonable price, not like other tourist hotels that full of tourists and way highly priced. But before that I wanted to have a chilled beer but “Anandashram” dosent serve liquor so I went out to one of my favorite bar in panjim “Watson” opp. to municipal gardens panjim A beautiful place to relax ,Cool decor with nice rustic look.
So I ordered Beer with “Tisrya Sukka” (Dry Masala Clams) my all time favorite.
Clams dry is full of less spicy,tangy and little sweet goan masala and soft bonless meat inside, And on top of that it was soft,succulent and fresh as hell.
So I finshed my beer and went straight to “ Anandashram” (Remember in  most of the goan hotels they serve lunch till 3p.m. only and also fish thali is available in daytime for lunch only and not for dinner)
I ordered Spacial Fish thali , Thali was full of bright white freshly steamed rice, Chonak (Red snapper) rava fry, Surmai (King fish curry), prawns curry, fried kingfish, crab curry, coconut and dried baby shrimp salads and Solkadhi (Digestive Drink).
Red snapper was one of the tastiest fish I ever had…big flat chunk of fish friend with rava mixed with goan masala. Super crispy outside and soft,fresh,juicy inside .
King Fish curry was tangy, reddish, curry made up using tamarind ,coconut milk and goan masla was tastes awesome with fluffy steamed rice and some dry shrimps in it…man that was so delicious.

Then there was a crab curry  was made from grounded coconut, coriander and dry mixed roasted spices, which were added to crabs in it. One of the biggest headaches of this dish is to break the shell of crab but thanks to the owner who provided special instrument and spoons to break the shell.
Kingfish Fry …name says it all. Kingfish or surmai deep fried with goan recheado masala and rice flour .
Fish was crispy outside and too soft , juicy to the max with some chili powder and some tamarind flavors in it.
Prawns was made with same curry used for fish but curry was little creamy and fresh prawns in it.
There were some veggies also served in that dish but ive not tried.
Finaly I ended up drinking sour digestive called solkadhi wich is good for burping after having tummy full of fish and rice J

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Once again Thanks a lot for reading my blog

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